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Designed to control moisture and improve energy consumption, our supreme fire performance rain-screen cladding systems are ideal for modern building facades

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Introducing AGS System

Rainscreen cladding systems Unique Insulation Properties

AGS System is the only facade solution that maintains high fire safety and energy efficiency to such a high standard.

It manages water, air, and heat, which help to create a more comfortable indoor environment for your employees, whilst providing the best fire protection available for external cladding.


Fire Saftey

Rainscreen Cladding and Fire Performance Testing​

There has been an increased focus around the world on testing rainscreen cladding systems, following the incident at Grenfell Tower in 2017.

This is why AGS System places safety as a top priority above all else, and performs stringent testing of all our cladding products, to ensure they not only meet all safety standards set by government safety standards but excel above all of our competitors in fire prevention and safety.

As you can see from the cladding fire test video, we perform a wide range of fire performance tests, including the building height, weight load, airflow, thermal properties, fire resistance, and structural integrity of all components.

After a 60-minute simulation of a high-rise fire, the results were clear: AGS System provides the best rainscreen cladding system for fire safety.

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Product Quality Assurance

AGS System has five specialised, numerically controlled production lines, ensuring a precise production process and guaranteeing the highest quality of the product

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Structurally Sound

Our Rainscreen Support Systems are constructed for absorbing both vertical and horizontal wind loads

Thermally Predictable

We pay special attention to thermal bridging, ensuring optimal thermal insulation with our rainscreen systems

100% Certified Systems

All of our cladding support systems are manufactured under the ISO 9001 quality management system


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thermal bridging

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Simulation of object temperature check by thermoscan or infrared thermal camera.

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The rainscreen cladding system is composed of with a load-bearing wall, an insulation layer creating air space, and a cladding product that is fixed to the structural frame. Thanks to this design, an air cavity is produced between the load-bearing wall and the cladding material, allowing constant ventilation throughout the structural wall system.

Different cladding systems are on offer, but the two most common are rainscreen & vented cladding. The point of both types is to protect the building from the environment. The exterior surface is key in doing this.

Rain screen cladding systems are a great way to save on maintenance and building costs. These systems keep the inside of the building dry and maintain the thermal performance.

Rain screen cladding systems replace the need for painting and lead to a reduction in energy expenditure. This is because these walls protect against water penetration, keeping the interior of your building nice and dry.

Rain screen cladding systems are one of the newest and most innovative methods for building facade. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, rain screen cladding systems also offer many practical advantages such as protection against weather conditions such as heavy rain, high winds and snow etc. Rain screen cladding systems can be made from a range of materials including wood, aluminium, steel and timber.

Rain screen cladding systems are a great way to insulate your house or office from the elements.

These systems are especially useful for those who live in a climate with cold winters. Rain screen cladding systems can provide insulation and a potential increase in thermal performance, as well as help create a more visually appealing exterior.

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