There’s an AGS System rainscreen support system for every building and refurbishment project that requires bespoke facade materials.

Designed to control moisture and improve energy consumption, our rainscreen cladding systems are ideal for modern building facades.

They’re developed by industry experts to ensure optimum structural integrity and longevity, while accommodating a spectrum of design and material requirements.

Designing Buildings That Are Built To Last

Rainscreen cladding is a type of double-wall construction that keeps the rain out using an outer decorative layer while the inner layer prevents excessive air leakage and offers thermal insulation.

We’re continually working towards creating flexible solutions that comply with latest building regulations and energy efficiency standards, which is why our state-of-the-art rainscreen systems preserve the value of ventilated facades—in addition to visually enhancing its appearance.

Our unique bracketing system can be fixed to the substrate at horizontal and vertical separations, eliminating risks of condensation buildup and supporting even the most demanding building materials.

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