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Corrosion Test & Certification – ASG System
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Corrosion Test & Certification

Corrosion Test & Certification

Corrosion Test & Certification

Product Scope and Summary of the Certificate

The certificate tests the corrosion resistance of the AGS System’s ventilated facade solutions in a category C5 corrosion environment in the laboratory.

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Key factors assessed

  • The possible application of the ZM310 and ZM430 zinc-magnesium coatings as anti-corrosion protection in the AGS steel substructure
  • Evaluation of corrosion resistance of construction elements made of GD350 steel, coated with Magnelis® ZM430


  • Testing resistance to neutral salt spray showed that ZM430 zinc-magnesium coating can effectively protect red corrosion on sheet metal surfaces after 1500 hours of exposure
  • Testing resistance to humid atmosphere showed that it can protect corrosion on sheet metal surface even after 15 cycles of exposure.
  • The AGS steel substructure with ZM310 zinc-magnesium coating can be used in an environment of the C5 corrosion category.

Corrosion Certification

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