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“Our patented brackets design takes care of pesky details like hole drilling. This helps the bracket provide better thermal isolation, ultimately leading to a more efficient product.”
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Certified A1 fire resistance. Great corrosion resistance.

Our Brackets have Certified A1 fire resistance (+120 minutes) with excellent corrosion resistance (C5 corrosion category). Both brackets and rails can be used in industrial areas with aggressive atmospheres, high humidity, and high salinity.

Magnelis®, the durability and rust resistant steel

Magnelis®, is unique pre-galvanized steel with a zinc-based coating including 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium for the highest protection and durability, even in aggressive environments.
AGS Double Bracket
Vertical Section AGS Double Bracket

No Pads, Cost Effective

Magnelis steel is chemically compatible with alkaline building materials. Therefore applying pads of any kind, is not necessary and also raises thermal isolation of the concept.

Best Thermal Bridging Results Using AGS Brackets Explained

Cladding is a crucial part of any building. A high-performance, energy-efficient cladding system not only protects the interior of the building from wind and moisture, but it reduces heat gain in the summers and prevents heat loss in the winters, lowering your electricity bills dramatically.

Magnelis® pre-galvanized steel

The reason AGS brackets and rails use Magnelis® pre-galvanized steel as the material of choice is because it provides unparalleled corrosion protection, durability, and thermal efficiency. Our products offer cost-effective results as opposed to aluminium, post-galvanized steel and stainless steel, giving us a competitive advantage.

Superior Thermal Performance

Patented brackets design take care of elements like hole drilling that extend the way temperature spreads through the bracket, improving overall thermal isolation.

Adjustments Available On Standard AGS Bracket

We provide custom-sized brackets and shapes

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