Thermal Conductivity Test & Certification


A test was conducted by the Warsaw University of Technology to determine the heat conductivity coefficient for 2.5 mm-thick brackets made of GD 350 steel with Magnelis® ZM430 zinc coating, used in ventilated facades manufactured by AGS.

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No. 2.5 mm thick brackets made of GD 350 steel, with Magnelis ZM 430 zinc coating ^ mean value from test series [W/m*K]
1 170x50x70 bracket 3.906
2 210x50x70 bracket 3.537
3 170x50x130 bracket 6.615
4 170x50x130 bracket 6.422

Key findings

Table: Summary of calculation results for average conductivity coefficient for a 2.5 mm thick bracket made of GD 350 steel, with Magnelis® ZM 430 zinc coating.

The numerical results conclude that AGS system successfully obtained brackets of low heat conductivity coefficient through the openwork profile structure that extends the heat path.


  • Testing resistance to neutral salt spray showed that ZM430 zinc-magnesium coating can effectively protect red corrosion on sheet metal surfaces after 1500 hours of exposure
  • Testing resistance to humid atmosphere showed that it can protect corrosion on sheet metal surface even after 15 cycles of exposure.
  • The AGS steel substructure with ZM310 zinc-magnesium coating can be used in an environment of the C5 corrosion category.

Thermal Certification

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