The Company’s Mission to Increase Construction Productivity and Its Focus on Cost-Effectiveness

In today’s fast-paced world, construction companies are under pressure to complete projects quickly and efficiently. This is where the AGS System comes in. AGS System is a company that is committed to increasing construction productivity, and its focus on cost-effectiveness is a key aspect of this mission.

What is AGS System?

AGS System is a company that designs and manufactures innovative and unique mounting systems for ventilated facades. The company’s mission is to increase construction productivity and its products are designed to help builders and architects achieve this goal.

AGS System’s Commitment to Cost-Effectiveness One of the key aspects of AGS System’s mission to increase construction productivity is its focus on cost-effectiveness. The company aims to build cost-effective systems that can absorb wind loads and dead loads, without disrupting the building’s aesthetics.

One way that AGS System achieves cost-effectiveness is through its off-site production process. By producing its products off-site, AGS System can reduce the amount of waste produced during construction, saving time and money.

AGS System also focuses on delivering its products quickly and efficiently. With next-day delivery options, AGS System helps to alleviate day-to-day site processes and address project demands in a timely manner.

Custom Solutions for Optimal Results

AGS System understands that every building project is unique, and this is why the company offers custom solutions. Once the company has received a building’s plans, the AGS Technical Team will propose an optimal solution that takes into account the legal, technical, and material requirements of the project.

This commitment to custom solutions ensures that AGS System’s products are tailored to each individual project, providing the best possible results.

Fire Protection and Durability Standards

In addition to cost-effectiveness, AGS System is also committed to ensuring that its systems meet all the fire protection and durability standards for the corrosive category of a building’s environment. The company also takes into account the technical conditions for buildings and their location in terms of thermal insulation of walls and how ‘thermal bridges’ impact them.

AGS System’s Helping Hand Brackets

AGS System’s flagship products are its ‘helping hand’ brackets. These brackets come in two variants: stainless steel and black steel, and are designed to help increase construction productivity. The company’s experienced specialists are focused on continuous innovative and unique research and development projects, ensuring that its products are ahead of the curve.

Company Vision

AGS System’s vision is to use cutting-edge technologies to empower its clients to create safe, sturdy, and awe-inspiring builds. The company is committed to creating project-specific cladding solutions with fast turnarounds and is dedicated to helping its team members, customers, suppliers, and partners.

AGS System is a company that is committed to increasing construction productivity and its focus on cost-effectiveness is a key aspect of this mission. Through its off-site production process, custom solutions, and commitment to fire protection and durability standards, AGS System is helping to make construction projects more efficient, cost-effective, and safe. If you’re looking for a company that can help you achieve your building goals, consider AGS System. With its innovative products and commitment to excellence, AGS System is a smart choice for architects, builders, and building owners.

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