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Fire Test & Certification

Fire Test & Certification

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Fire and Thermal Conductivity

AGS Single brackets absorb wind loading and allow for expansion and contraction.

Magnelis®, is unique pre-galvanised steel with a zinc-based coating including 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium for the highest protection and durability, even in aggressive environments.

Patented brackets design take care of elements like hole drilling that extend the way temperature spreads through the bracket, improving overall thermal isolation.

Why Aluminum Brackets are the Best

The video above shows that the supporting structure was completely melted when aluminium brackets were applied, which is mainly because the melting point of aluminium is around 630 °C and the test was conducted at 800 °C. This also eliminates the use of non-metallic connectors since their melting point is lower than aluminium itself.

What sets us apart from aluminium ventilated facade system is that our patented brackets take care of elements like hole drilling that extend the way temperature spreads through the bracket, improving overall thermal isolation.

fire test

Rainscreen Cladding Fire Test Results

The Instytut Techniki Budowlanej (ITB) uses modern research methodologies and specialist measurement equipment to conduct tests on construction products.
A certificate from the Building Research Institute is considered to be a mark of safety, reliability, and quality that provides reassurance of the product’s fitness-for-purpose.

Certification includes

  • Factors relating to compliance with Building Regulations
  • Factors relating to the fire resistance of AGS products
  • Comparison of different constructional solutions to identify the most reliable fire safety solution
  • Testing of facade cladding made of:
  • Sintered stone
  • Panelling made of composites and aluminium or steel sheets
  • Glass-reinforced concrete
  • Framed and frameless photovoltaic modules
  • Fibre-cement panels

Final Comments

This technical evaluation will be valid indefinitely, provided that no material or technical changes are made to the AGS substructure systems.

Product Scope and Summary of the Certificate

The Certificate tests the AGS System’s ventilated facade solutions in the event of a fire in the Fire Research Laboratory of the Building Research Institute.

Key Factors Assessed

  • The support structure of the cladding—a fragment of the facade was exposed to heat using a gas-fired burner with intensity equal to that of an actual, regular fire to observe the fragments of panels that crack and fall off.
  • The integrity of the connection—apart from local deformations, the integrity of the cladding systems’ connection to the floor they were mounted on was assessed.
  • The possibility of safe evacuation—in the event of a fire was tested by assessing the fragments falling off facade cladding, which can create a hazard in the evacuation area.
  • Results

    AGS system substructure kept its integrity in the case of fire, allowing the rescue team to evacuate people within 120 minutes.

    While the aluminium grids of AGS substructure systems may gradually melt down, the stainless steel reinforcement strips in L and T profile types were able to provide a durability of mounting of 120 minutes, allowing rescue teams to evacuate people safely.

    Fire Certification

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