5 Benefits Of Rainscreen Cladding

You’ve probably noticed that many new buildings have metal cladding on the outside. This is called rainscreen cladding, and it helps protect your building from rainwater infiltration. Building professionals know that this type of cladding can help keep buildings dry during heavy storms, but there are other benefits as well: increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, improved durability, and sustainability. In this article, we will discuss 5 major benefits of rainscreen cladding!

1) Rain Screen Cladding Saves Energy

Having rain screen cladding implemented onto a building can help save up to 50% on energy costs. It does this by protecting a building from water infiltration that would otherwise enter the structure and cause it to build moisture which then causes condensation, requiring extra heating or cooling in order to maintain an optimal temperature inside of the building.

This type of cladding also reduces air leakage through walls because there are no gaps for wind-driven rain or other atmospheric elements to penetrate

2) Rainscreen Cladding is Easy to Install/Adjust

One common task for exterior cladding installation is the fastening of brackets. Our rain screening cladding brackets help facilitate faster installation, being nearly 50% faster than most Brackets; they simply require installation through the use of clamping screws to install them without any other machine setup or damage to surrounding areas

3)Cost-Effective and Safe

We ensure our cladding system brackets are safe, economical and available for immediate delivery/installation.

The brackets can be installed without any other machine setup or damage to surrounding areas.

Compare Rainscreen to Brick or Stucco: The beauty in the fact that our Patented rain screen cladding has an attractive design as well as being economical means you get more for your money when looking at installing long lasting exterior claddings. And unlike these materials, our product does not require expensive maintenance treatments such as painting every few years which allows for significant savings over time while still maintaining aesthetics.

4) Superior Fire Safety

Our rain screen cladding systems offer the best in fire safety, they are 120min fire safety proven for superior fire safety and peace of mind. With the recent tragic events involving loss a life due to inferior rainscreen cladding systems, we make fire safety our paramount objective – which is why we have such a stringent testing process to make sure the right materials are used for each project.

To find out more about our patented rain screen cladding fire safety, click here.

5) Endless Design Possibilities

Our services provide architectures with an infinite range of facade layout options. We can offer these clients a tailor-made design solution that includes the option to choose from several cladding profiles, colours, and textures.

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