About AGS System

Pioneers in Rainscreen Cladding Systems


At AGS System LTD, we work closely with facade manufacturers to help design, test and manufacture rainscreen cladding support systems, ensuring safe and long-lasting cladding installation.

Our modern and fully automated factory can produce as many as 2500 brackets and 16000 meters of profiles in 8 hours.

Our installer-friendly rainscreen cladding brackets simplify the complexities of facades.

AGS SYSTEM: Rainscreen Cladding System
AGS SYSTEM: Rainscreen Cladding System
AGS SYSTEM: Rainscreen Cladding System

Our Mission

Increasing construction productivity is at the heart of what we do.

We aim to build cost-effective systems that would absorb wind loads and dead loads, without disrupting the building’s aesthetics.

Company Vision

We believe in using cutting-edge technologies to empower our clients to create safe, sturdy and awe-inspiring builds.

We’re committed to creating project specific cladding solutions with fast turnarounds. We go the extra mile to help our team members, customers, suppliers and partners.

Our Expanding goal

Ahead of the curve, we keep our engineering, architectural and facade installation partners in the loop in order to create innovative and practical solutions.

We take pride in addressing project demands and alleviating day-to-day site processes with next day delivery options.


A fire test has shown that when AGS brackets were tested against aluminium brackets, our patented solutions withstood heat whereas the aluminium brackets melted away.

AGS SYSTEM: Rainscreen Cladding System

Tests show falling of the aluminium facades during fire

AGS SYSTEM: Rainscreen Cladding System

The above images show that the supporting structure was completely melted when aluminium brackets were applied, which is mainly because the melting point of aluminium is around 630 °C and the test was conducted at 800 °C. This also eliminates the use of non-metallic connectors since their melting point is lower than aluminium itself.

What sets us apart from aluminium ventilated facade system is that our patented brackets take care of elements like hole drilling that extend the way temperature spreads through the bracket, improving overall thermal isolation.

  • Our unique patented bracket design offers maximum performance in thermal bridge insulation
  • Does not require plastic insulators
  • Certified A1 fire resistance (+120 minutes)
  • Bespoke bracket sizes up to 1 meter
  • Profiles and rails are cut to size in our factory
  • No stainless-steel screws or rivets are required for installation, simplifying the installation process
  • Our automated and modern production line can produce up to 2500 brackets a day
  • Most of the products are in stock
  • Products suitable for all facade cladding
  • Competitive prices
  • The bracket HI+ is made of specially designed steel having 2.5mm thickness of wall bearing capacity compared to aluminium counterpart with 4mm thickness.
  • The HI+ (figure 1) bracket indicates good thermal isolation parameters compared to aluminium counterparts

Bracket HI+ made of steel (figure 3) without thermo pad successfully restrains cold conduction to a wall covered with mineral wool.

  • AGS brackets (steel) have the melting temperature of 1400°C, which is lower than the fire temperature during fire tests conducted by the Building Research Institute.
  • Steel is chemically compatible with alkaline building materials. Therefore applying pads of any kind, is not necessary and also raises thermal isolation of the concept.
AGS SYSTEM: Rainscreen Cladding System